Connect Offline Issues.


There are so many posts where people posted their issues in getting connected to salesforce connect offline.

Connect offline is one of the best practices where the sales team can have the maximum benefit with the application to work offline where they have no access to office network. The tool helps extracting all the related opportunities and cases pulled to the briefcase and hence the individual can access them and edit them when ever required.

steps to get connected to Connect offline.

1. loggin to salesforce and select your name-setup.

2. go to the navigation pane and select connect offline.

3. Download the exe.file and run the file with the administration setup.

4. Double click the offline edition to see the login form page.

5. go to your org and generate security token from your personal information link by clicking on ‘reset my security token’.

5. select offline briefcase configuration link on the navigation page.

6. name your briefcase and select the objects you need to extract to the briefcase.

7. save your briefcase.

8. come to the offline edition login page.

9. enter the username and enter your password followed by the security token.

10. make sure the offline line edition access is enabled on your profile setup.

11. select the check boxes and login to the offline edition.




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